Yurts for Life

New Website

Work carried out

Domain name transfer | Hosting migration | Web development

The Brief

Yurts for Life, a yurt manufacturer near Totnes, Devon, was a newly acquired business and the sale included the website and domain. Both needed to be migrated to the new owner’s existing hosting account on GoDaddy with minimal impact to Google search results ranking.
While maintaining visibility of the old website, a completely new website should be built behind the scenes to enable a simple switch-over when it is complete.
The new website should have a modern appearance with an emphasis on utilising the new photographs.

The Solution

Planned Migration: We registered the change of domain ownership with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and ensured the existing website was migrated and functioning on the new owner’s hosting before putting temporary redirects in place to redirect traffic to the new hosting while the new IP address for YurtsforLife.com propagated across the web. This would ensure no 404 (page not found) errors would register with the GoogleBot crawlers and negatively impact search ranking.

The Switcheroo: We implemented the latest version of WordPress for the new website and set-up a redirect on the landing page to a copy of the old site running on the same server. This enabled us to make the new website available for testing, comments and approval by management while customers were redirected to the old site. Once the new site is ready for launch we simply remove the redirect.

Web Development: We provided YurtsForLife with a number of WordPress design themes, each with a different style and functionality. The  chosen theme was strong on images with a modern ‘flat’ design and we extended this concept further with components such as ‘ghost buttons’ and parallax scrolling backgrounds.


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